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Andi Buerger's story and book were recently featured in the writer's section of the April 2021 issue of Womenz Straight Talk magazine.You can purchase a copy at their website. And don't forget to support Beulah's Place if you can, every dollar goes directly to help kids that can't afford to pay for shelter to keep them warm, or meals to keep them healthy.

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Ed & Andi

The Unspeakable Truth of Human Trafficking


Lynn Shaw and Andi Buerger sit down to chat about a most critical issue affecting our country today but rarely addressed and confronted in mainstream media: human trafficking. Andi is a survivor with first-hand knowledge of the horrors that we all need to educate ourselves about, address and learn how we can better protect our precious children and all people at risk.

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CBN Interview: One Survivor's Rescue Story


Trafficking is a problem not just abroad, but also in the United States. In this interview with CBN, Andy Buerger discusses her and her husband Ed's quest to found Beulah's Place, and their mission to help victims afflicted by sex trafficking in Oregon.

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Radio America interview with Andi Buerger


Children are being abused and trafficked all around us - even if we can't see it. Andi Buerger of Beulah's Place shares her difficult story of abuse, how she's now helping other young people in distress, and how to help victims where we live.



Beulah's Place is holding it's 2018 Annual Rummage Sale on Friday Oct 19, 9am-6pm and Saturday Oct 20, 9am-4pm (indoors, rain or shine!), at the Highland Baptist Church GYM located at 3100 SW Highland Ave., in Redmond. Click the image to the left for a full size view of the flyer with all the details. We hope to see you there!

Andi joins Corewellness4u for empowering conversation


Corewellness4u is excited to have Andi Buerger, international speaker, business owner and heart of gold sit at the table. #iamacourageouswoman Join us at the Be Strong & Courageous Women Table Talk Tour for an encouraging and empowering conversation of courage, bravery and recovery on June 9th in Los Angeles at the Better Living Center Headquarters 3425 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood CA, 90305 (Lower Level)

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Andi Speaks with Melanie Colette on MoneyTalk with Melanie


Find out what you can do to help trafficked teens and other at-risk homeless youth. Executive Director of Beulah's Place, Andi Buerger, shares ideas, stories, and examples of how these kids end up on the streets and the things that get them off and back into successful independent living and community. Check out this engaging discussion with host Melanie Colette on MoneyTalk with Melanie!

Labor Days


Hot August nights are coming to an end soon. Labor Day - a national holiday celebrating workers all over America - is fast approaching.

One of the things that make Beulah's Place extraordinary in getting the teens we rescue off the streets and into a stable schedule is, well, labor. Work. Jobs. Viable employment. When our teens start working regularly, it provides not only financial compensation, but valuable structure for their lives. Having something to get up for, show up for, and "do" during the day or night greatly aids the independence they eventually acquire.

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