Help. Healing. Hope.



Beulah's Place was created as a place of refuge for homeless teens who are easy prey for sexual predators and those who exploit these youngsters for criminal gain. Our publicly funded non-profit organization offers help, healing and hope by providing food and shelter as well as educational and work skills counseling.


  • Hot, healthy meals.
  • Temporary shelter and safety until a longer term answer can be found.
  • Clothing, hygiene items and personal care services.
  • Essential health care from community medical partners.
  • A non-judgmental environment where volunteers help youth get safe and stay safe, away from sex traffickers, pedophiles, and other criminal influences.
  • Mentors, counselors and educators who can identify paths leading to a GED, a high school diploma, or entering the work force.
  • Recreation, sports and entertainment to foster community, build trust, encourage appropriate social behavior and develop good sportsmanship.

Teens who find Beulah's Place will learn that their past does not have to define their future. This is a quiet place where listening hearts help them work through their brokenness, pain and trauma … and find a way in life suited to their unique personalities and gifts.